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from 31 March 2018
to 31 December 2018
Events Archive

VilleCard and VilleCard PLUS

the offer for tourists visiting the Brenta Riviera is richer than ever

Now available from the ticket offices of villas on the circuit, Vela and participating partners, the VilleCard 2018 has the same graphic design and colours as ever, but with a wider range of proposals for tourists visiting the [Read more]

from 26 March 2017
to 31 December 2017
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oltre Venezia BikeWays

Cycling itineraries in the Venetian mailhinterland

The new maps produced in the project oltre Venice Bikeways are being distributed, following the restyling of the Committee Oltre Venezia BikeWays, composed of the members of the 10 administrations involved in the project: Campagna Lupia, [Read more]

from 01 April 2017
to 31 December 2017
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VilleCard 2017 ready for the next holiday season

the network of villas

Already on sale in circuit ticket offices, the VilleCard 2017 has the same graphic design and colours which have characterised it from the start, but there are now more participating villas and the collaboration with local [Read more]

from 25 March 2016
to 31 December 2016
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VilleCard 2016

ville visiting network

With VilleCard you can travel and explore the wonderful historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the Riviera del Brenta! Take advantage of villas reduced entrance ticket, deals on public transport, and other discounts for shopping and [Read more]

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